My name is Lewis Matthams, founder of MeloTech and born in 1998 Thurrock, Essex (UK). I'm currently completing my Master in Music at Royal Holloway, From a young age my family surrounded me with music, my dad a guitarist and my mum a pianist, and we attended church which not only exposed me to Popular Worship Music but also routine live music. My technological interest was sparked by their use of the overhead projector and analogue sound desk.

When I was 8 we moved to Portsmouth and it was then that I started instrumental lessons. Despite my early love for the flute under my mother's instruction I had to start on piano for 2 years first (love you mummy dearest). At the same time I started getting involved with sound engineering, first as cue player at the school panto in year 7 then getting involved at my church - New Life Church Emsworth.

Through my secondary school years the duality of music and technology continued. I began working with computers, stripping laptop parts for pocket money. Whilst doing my music GCSE I got involved with leading revision groups and private tutoring.

In 2016 I started my studies at Royal Holloway. Whilst at Holloway I have been able to study such a varied yet specific course. I focused on music and technology both in terms of production and as an object of study whilst still keeping a strong western classical music focus in my analysis, and dipping my toes in more historical and ethnomusicology modules. Unfortunately in early 2018 I developed panic disorder and depression. The next term of study was tough and I am forever grateful to my friends who supported me through that time but it was unsustainable. The last thing I wanted to do was to stop my studies as it was my passion for music and the involvement in my church that kept me going; therefore I went part-time and have been ever since. So my undergraduate degree took me 4 years and my masters is taking me 2.